GM App format. Read first before posting !!

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GM App format. Read first before posting !!

Post  Zinz on Sun May 06, 2012 6:27 am

Right now, fill in these.

1. Full Name and In-game Name:

2. Please supply us with a way to contact you outside of the game:

3. What time zone do you live in? If possible, please give your location. (state/province)

4. Age :

5. Why do you want to be a GM?

6. If you were NOT accepted, what would you do?

7. What is your level of familiarity with MapleStory private servers? In other words, if you are chosen, would you need a lot of help and guidance?

8. What makes you unique from other players? Why should we choose you over everyone else?

9. What kind of personality do you think a GM should have? Fun? Strict? Do you think you have those traits?

10. How long have you been playing on this server? Are you familiar with everything yet?

11. Please provide anything that you want us to know that wasn't already asked (I wouldn't recommend leaving this blank):

We will give you a pm in game and post your accepted apps on the forum if you're accepted.

Do not be afraid of giving your real name, we do not judge by race, gender, sexuality, etc. We want a clean community such behavior is not accepted here, you're all welcome. Each and every thread made by a mod/admin needs to be warm and welcoming. Like, welcome to alonely server, we look upon you as family, nothing else. We do not accept racism, or discrimination of sexuality.
Do not include emoticons in your application.

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