Aarons GM APP :)

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Aarons GM APP :)

Post  anagom on Mon May 14, 2012 3:20 am

1. Full Name and In-game Name:

Full name: Aaron Wade Cornell

In game name: Aaron

2. Please supply us with a way to contact you outside of the game:

Hotmail: aaroncornell @ hotmail.ca

Gmail: cornyaaron @ gmail.com

Facebook:Aaron Cornell (i will help you find me)

3. What time zone do you live in? If possible, please give your location. (state/province)

I am in Pacific time zone

I live in Canada: province: B.C ( British Columbia )

4. Age :

Born: November 1st 1997

Age: 14

5. Why do you want to be a GM?

Why i want to be a gm. Well Ive been playing maplestory for a very long time. and i got into private servers about a year and a half ago and ive always wanted to be a GM. I love helping people and i hate people who try and ruin the game by hacking and other things like duplicating items etc. I can also npc script and code so if their is any issues with any of those things i might be able to help out aswell.

6. If you were NOT accepted, what would you do?

If i wasnt except well you win some and you lose some. I will just continue playing as a player and VOTE! Im not lazy and vote every 6 hours always Smile.

7. What is your level of familiarity with MapleStory private servers? In other words, if you are chosen, would you need a lot of help and guidance?

I am very very familiar with maplestory private servers! I have made 3 of my own servers and ive been a coder and scripter in 4. I love playing maplestory and know it like the back of my hand!

8. What makes you unique from other players? Why should we choose you over everyone else?

What makes me unique from other players is im very very dedicated! When ever their is a problem i am always their to help! I havemade my own servers so i know private servers better then most. I can do multiple jobs then just be a GM and just over all a very positive person. Smile

9. What kind of personality do you think a GM should have? Fun? Strict? Do you think you have those traits?

A GM should have both of those traits! He should be Fun and Strict when the time is right. When their is no problems the GM should be having some fun with the players but ALWAYS on alert. So when something is happening they need to be very strict. Hackers are banned with no warning, and some more minor stuff is usually a warning but if they abuse the warnings they will be banned.

10. How long have you been playing on this server? Are you familiar with everything yet?

This server is new So i have just started today. I have played many many many private servers so i am pretty familiar with the private servers. Their is no doubt that i will get very very familiar with this server right away.

11. Please provide anything that you want us to know that wasn't already asked (I wouldn't recommend leaving this blank):

I want you guys to know that i am a very disciplined person and if you ever need something done ask me and i will do it no questions asked. I will vote every 6 hours (except when im sleeping). I have many friends and i can tell them about this server and help it GROW. I can already tell that this is gunna be a amazing server and i cant wait to get started!

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