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GM APP : Zinz

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GM APP : Zinz  Empty GM APP : Zinz

Post  Zinz Tue May 15, 2012 2:57 pm

1. Full Name and In-game Name:Real name: Kelv Ng, In-game name : Zinz

2. Please supply us with a way to contact you outside of the game: MSN.

3. What time zone do you live in? If possible, please give your location. (state/province) Singapore, GMT +8

4. Age : 17

5. Why do you want to be a GM? To make this server awesome and helping the community is what I do. Helping players is a role of GM too. No worries, i'll do what a GM should do.

6. If you were NOT accepted, what would you do? I would continue to support the server and manage the forum. And, i'll wait for a chance till there's another GM App is open and i'll apply again.

7. What is your level of familiarity with MapleStory private servers? In other words, if you are chosen, would you need a lot of help and guidance? I played MapleStory Private Servers 3 years and I don't need any guidance, i'm familiar with everything once i'm used to it... And i'm already used to MapleStory private servers.

8. What makes you unique from other players? Why should we choose you over everyone else? I am a very helpful person, i'm not going to compare myself over other people as it is unfair. Everyone have weaknesses, so, I do have some weak points that I would try to improve on, so I would not compare to the others.

9. What kind of personality do you think a GM should have? Fun? Strict? Do you think you have those traits? Fun and strict personalities. I show my fun side when it is time. I would definitely be strict when there is hacker or any offends that players make to the server.

10. How long have you been playing on this server? Are you familiar with everything yet? I'm definitely familiar with everything here. I started this server about 1-3 weeks ago... Can't remember, sorry.

11. Please provide anything that you want us to know that wasn't already asked (I wouldn't recommend leaving this blank): Whether if you declined my GM app, i'll definitely support the server no matter what.

Thanks for reading my app.

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